Prototype [PC]

Publisher: Activision
Platform: PC (PS3,Xbox360 available)
Genre: Action

Well, I bought this game about a week ago and now I have to stop playing it. I was a bit surprised by seeing many reviews of this game with 8+ score.

The game seems very interesting when it was on commercial spot. However, when it comes to reality, this game is just nothing but a combination of Spiderman and Grand Theft Auto's elements. This game offers you an open world where you can run, jump, fly, whatever across the city of New York.

And so on.

This game gets old very fast, probably one of the fastest ones. You start with, exactly, nothing special about your character. Then you would have to fight your way through to unlock new abilities, either by consuming people who have memories about you or finish repetitive missions.

Exactly, missions are very repetitive and vague. Here's the list: Kill marked target; Destroy base; Stop infected monsters from attacking. Then you come back to freely roaming the city which you can pull out your wolverine-like claws and cutting people in half - just for fun.

Moreover, this game actually leaves nothing for you to keep playing to the end. Since abilities you would use most often are unlocked since the very beginning of the game. You will find yourself unlocking Claws, Hammer fists, and that's all. Claws, obviously, are meant to be use when you fight with human enemy - or even infected ones. Hammer fists, yep, for tanks and other armored units. You can grab stuff and throw them whenever you want. If you like running around an killing passerby like freak, go get Prototype.

The only thing that kept me playing was the open world feature. I rarely engaged a mission since they are all the same. So after 2 days of playing properly, I started getting on a game just to run around and please my own desire for gore.

I can't really tell you whether the main plot is good or bad, because I never played deep enough to know the whole truth about Alex Mercer (main character).


The graphic is actually OKAY. Just okay.

The lighting is fine. The textures are pretty. Shadows casting was a bit weird. However, I found that buildings and environment are somehow lazily rendered. Many details were missed. And since the whole town has only blocks of buildings, you'll get bored of the graphic - sooner or later.

Special effects and camera works are nice though.


It's bland. Really. You control your character like many other games. WASD, aim with your mouse, attack with left click, charge attack with right click, etc. There's nothing special about how you run around New York City.

You control Alex Mercer with multiple transform abilities. You can apply highly defensive armor to yourself and lose some movement speed as penalty, or mount a ferocious blade to cut through everyone standing in your way.

The missions and other major features are, too, nothing special as I mentioned. The game is repetitive and now I'm typing repetitive as well. I just couldn't find proper word to explain how repetitive it is! Oh god! Repetitive!

Camera angles can be buggy and annoying, occasionally - when you fight helicopters, for example.

There are also minor goals and secrets just to keep you playing. Guess what, that's all. EP (Evolution Point) is the only reward you will get. Yes, they also keep your record for no reason.

SOUND -/10

no comment. :D

Well, this is just my quick review cause I have to go out. I will come back with more detail on this game later. Hope my review could help you decide whether to buy this game or not :D

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