Call of Duty - World at War [PC]

 Call Of Duty: World At War + Patch 1.4 + Crack

Developer: Activision
Platform: PC [PS3, Xbox360 available]
Genre: First Person Shooting

Alright! another Call of Duty game, which means you know how it's going to be. It seems like Activision is really fond of their typical system that they have been putting into every Call of Duty since the first one. And I don't know how much it would take to get D-Day out of their heads! Well, it's a good story, good world event to be talked about, but it gets pretty BORING after seeing D-Day in every first person shooting game - including newly released one.

However, it did get some elements improved - like, more gadgets to play with, more interactive squad mates, and so on.

This is going to be a bit short, because there's nothing much to talk about call of duty, plus I'm too lazy at the moment to describe everything in the gameplay section. It's Call of Duty, what did you expect?

The story, again, focuses on two soldiers which you will be playing the whole game. One is Private Miller, an infantry who serves US force, which will be fighting through japan isles. Another is Petrenko, a russian soldier who gets involved with the ring of steel - Berlin.

You will be switching between these two. However, as you play through, you might find it a bit confusing since they keep cutting from scene to scene with improper connection. And since you all know how the World War II ended, I'm going to skip the story.



It's a first person shooting, It's call of duty, enough said. As we all know, Call of Duty never had an "opened-map" which gives you multiple ways to make your assault. Well, Call of Duty World at War DOES have ONE point that allows you to select between northern and southern route. However, both routes end up at the same place, same goal.

Oh, and they included one stage which lets you drive a soviet tank and run over German force. But that's about it.

The most valuable parts in this game would be both multiplayer mode and the minigame that comes after you have finished the whole thing - the Nazi Zombie stage (sorry I can't read German name they gave us).

In multiplayer, you start as low-rank private, which you will be making your way to the top. Getting higher rank, upgrading your stuff, choosing your perks, and so on. It was fun though.

The Nazi Zombie stage lets you fight wave after wave of zombies. As you can guess, you will be able to buy guns, fortify your building, unlock some new areas which don't really help because zombies are entering from every single way. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go play some zombie defense game on Newgrounds.com, that would do.



The environment is perfect. Everything is beautifully rendered and almost every detail was corrected. Everything looks fine here except the characters that still look a bit robotic. Movements are fine, facial expressions - failed.

Apart from the characters, this game should be your eye candy. Vehicles look real, buildings, well, didn't look so bad. Weapons are perfectly copied from real ones.

Lighting, shadow casting, and everything else - well, they look nice. Wow, this is such a vague review.


SOUND 5/10

It's not that epic when it comes to soundtrack. Gunfire was a bit crappy though, it sounded like someone shooting a popcorn at each other.

Alright, that would be my shortest review with not much detail. I might be reviewing this game all over again if I'm in the right mood, but I can't give you guys any promise. You can skip this one since it's not really a review. I had a bad day. Still, thanks for reading.

Until next time.